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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

              Visitor Counter: 0011791763

              Contribute your rendering of the National Anthem of India at: https://rashtragaan.in/ 

              Celebration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav



              The One -Source, Multi Discipline Engineering Company

              Established in 1920, Bridge and Roof has since come under the administrative control of the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

              From a tiny acorn, today B&R has grown into a giant oak, serving both Private and Public Sectors, Indian and Overseas. Utilizing the most modern construction equipment and technology, with high degree of expertise and substantial in-house resources, employing around 1114 people in its permanent cadre. During the execution of specific projects, the company hires services of skilled and unskilled workforce, depending on the nature and duration of the project.

              Our Services

              • Bailey Type Unit Bridges at various locations in Odisha
              •  Multi-purpose Cyclone Shelters under National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project at Sunderbans in West Bengal.
              •  Salt Lake Stadium with seating capacity of 1,20,000 at Kolkata, WB.
              •  Science City Complex at Kolkata for National Council of Science Museums, WB

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              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 24-11-2021