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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

              Visitor Counter: 0011806507

              Research & Development


              In B&R, the Research and Development (R&D) functions shall provide the means whereby profitable diversification and development opportunities shall be created.

              Our R&D activities include the study of the existing business scenario as well as specific areas where new products and services, either by way of diversification or by upgradation of technology can be identified. New projects and methods have to be brought to stage where they can replace any weak areas in the range being currently offered.

              To win over steep competition B&R is always trying to reduce its production cost without sacrificing the product requirement and its aesthetic value by changing design and working process.

              The Company is considering taking up a programme to invest more in R&D activities for pursuing continuous updation of business opportunities and quality standard.

              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 26-11-2021