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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

              Visitor Counter: 0011806792




              View Policy

              • Promotion and Development of Consciousness for Health, Safety, Environment and Fire Protection among all personnel working at Construction Projects and Workshop.
              • Implementation of Health, Safety and Environmental System requirements through extensive and regular training and periodic compliance checks.
              • Regular safety meetings and updation programme at offices, project sites and workshop involving workers and officers to develop, sustain and increase behavioral and attitudinal awareness towards safety.
              • To continuously check and improve upon the safety standards.
              • Maintaining all Documents and Records of safety meetings, Training and Implementation as per Construction Safety manual.
              • Ensuring safety during Design Engineering
              • Compliance to OH&SMS Certification (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) is completed.
              Certificates issued by various Clients :

              View Certificate of Registration of B&R for OH&SMS ISO 45001:2018

              View Certificate of Adani Petronet (Dahej) Port Pvt. Ltd. for Dahej.

              View Certificate of BPCL and EIL for DCU Unit Kochi.

              View Certificate of BPCL and EIL for MSP Unit Kochi.

              View Certificate of BPCL and EIL for IREP Unit Kochi.

              View Certificate of Dhamra Port Co. Ltd for Dhamra, Gujarat.

              View Certificate of HEPIPL for Vizhinjam, Kerala.

              View Certificate of Dhamra Port Co. Ltd for Dhamra, Gujarat.

              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 26-11-2021