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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

              Visitor Counter: 0011806648

              Mechanical Construction


              • All welded Large Diameter Steel Storage Tank for Crude & Product Storage
              • Fabrication and Erection of Unit Piping, Yard Piping for Product, Steam, Cryogenic and other Applications (CS, AS, SS, NACE, High Pressure and Others)
              • Installation of Static and Rotary Equipment
              • Fabricated, Welded Pressure Ducts
              • Blast Furnace, Electrostatic Precipitator, Heaters and Reformer
              • Pressure Vessels
              • Stainless Steel Silo
              • Industrial & Technological Structure
              • Flare Stack & Steel Chimney
              • Loading Gantry
              • Steel Bridges (Railways/Roadways)
              • Space Frame Structure


              Space Frame structure, IOCL at Ennore    Cantilever Bridge, River Rihand, UP      Prototype, POT Shell Assembly,BALCO, Korba 

              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 26-11-2021