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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

              Visitor Counter: 0011806626



              • Engineering and System Based Packages
              • Oil Terminals & Depots
              • LPG & LNG Terminals
              • Cross - Country Piping
              • Ports & Jetties
              • Housing Projects
              • Material Handling
              • Environmental Projects (for various Industries, Urban/Rural Facilities, Utility Projects)
              • Fire Fighting/Protection System for Jetties, Oil Terminals, etc.
              • Fuel Oil System for Combined Cycle Power Project
              • Heater & Reformers
              • Water / Effluent Treatment Plant
              • Retail and Jubilee Outlets
              • Cooling Tower


              HSD, MS & SKO Terminal, IBP, Panipat     Cross-Country Pipeline, IOTL, Uran


              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 26-11-2021