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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

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              R.C.C. and Structural Steel Bridges



               RCC Bridge over River Paglachandi
              in West Bengal for Eastern Railway

              Earthwork in filling on Railway Embankment, supplying & spreading of stone dust over formation as blanketing materials, construction of RCC Box minor bridges, construction of service building & other ancillary works in Liluah to Dankuni Section (10.13 km) for M/s. Eastern Railway of Rs 22.80 Crores is Under Execution.

              Earthwork, in filling, cutting, blanketing, construction of minor bridges, P.F. Wall, flooring, drains, station building, quarters, gate lodge & other ancillary works in between Jirat (excluding) and Guptipara (Including), West Bengal for M/s. Eastern Railway of Rs 15.00 Crores is Under Execution.



               RCC Bridge over NH-9
              for NHAI in Andhra Pradesh

              Construction of 7 nos. Bridges, Piling Work and other connected work in connection with Eklakhi-Balurghat new BG Line Project for N.F. Railway of Rs. 89 Crores during 2000-03

              Rebuilding of RCC Bridge over River Paglachandi in West Bengal for Eastern Railway of Rs. 46 Crores during 2001-02

              Construction of Flyover over NH-2 at Durgapur Steel Plant Main Gate Junction for NHAI of Rs. 39 Crores during 2001-02

              Construction of 4nos. Major Bridges on Tamluk - Digha New BG Link in WB for S. E. Rly. Of Rs. 92 Crores during 2000-2001

              RCC Bridge Work in Strengthening and Widening of NH-9 over 48 Km for NHAI in Andra Pradesh of Rs. 37 Crores during 1996-2000


               High Level Bridge over Western
              Jamuna Canal on NH-1 at Karnal

              Reconstruction of 4 Lane RCC Pre-stressed Skew Bridge over West Jamuna Canal on NH-1 for PWD, Karnal of Rs. 24 Crores in 1987-93

              Construction of Steel Bridge with 33x17.0 M & 1x22.40M Span Steel Plate, etc. on Br. No. 6 on River Rāmgangā at Km 5.5 to 7.5 at Moradabad Section of Rs. 51 Crores is under execution

              Fabrication, Supplying and Erection of 33x17.0M & 1x22.40M Span Steel Plate Girders etc and side Slewing at site for 3x30.5M span on Bridge No. 313, 325, 36 and 154 on GZB-SRE Section of Delhi Div. of Rs. 106 Crores is under execution

              Replacement of early Steel Girder of Bridge No. 6 MID 54 DN and 69 UP between Bilaspur-Jharsuguda section of Rs. 29 Crores is under execution

              Fabrication, Erection etc. of Steel Girders for 3 Bridges over River Jaldacca, Teesta & Diana for N. F. Rly. of Rs. 123 Crores is under execution

              Fabrication & Erection of Steel Super Structure over Damodar Bridge of Mejia Thermal Power Plant (15 Nos. - 45.7M; 2 Nos. 30.5 M: Total 1973 MT) for IRCON of Rs. 66 Crores during 1992-94


               Regirdering of Diana Bridge
              in West Bengal for N.F. Railway
               Fabrication & Erection of
              Rayagada Bridge for South Eastern Railway
               61m span girders of Inchcape Bridge in
              Chhapra-Anurihar section over River Ghaghra

              Re-gerdering of Inchcape Bridge over River Ghaghara with 18 Spans of B.G. through type girders of 61M span & dismantling the existing 18M span M.G. through type girders all under running traffic conditions for N.E.Rly. Of Rs. 57 Crores during 1992-96

              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 10-12-2021