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              Photo Gallery

              Silo Erection Going on at Guru Govind Singh Polymer Addition Project, Bathinda

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              " The Depot work has been completed as per the requirements of revenue opening date( ROD ) for the Project. "

              for Successful completion of Construction, Testing and Commissioning of Khyber Pass Depot and Workshop for DMRC, New Delhi.

              November 30, 2005


              " This is certified that the work has been completed satisfactorily conforming to drawings and specifications. "

              Rajasthan Atomic Power station-3 & 4 for Successful completion of Design, Construction, Manufacture, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Two Nos. Included Draught Cooling Towers for Reactor Unit 3 & 4 of RAPP.

              June 16, 2005


              " They have exhibited good performance and played a positive role during the execution of the entire Relining Work of Blast Furnace, Stoves, Dust Catcher, Hot Blast Main,Bustle main along with Mechanical, Structural and Civil Work. They have completed the aforesaid job in 59 days against planned period of 60 days, which enabled the Furnace to be commissioned in time making a NEW RECORD. "

              for Extended Category-II Repair of Blast Furnace-2

              December 26, 2003


              " This has been achieved in a record time of 297 days from the start of Boiler Erection. This has been achieved because of sustained hard work and dedication by all your Engineers and staff posted at Mejia Site. "

              Mejia Thermal Power Station, W.B for Successful completion of Hydro Test of Mejia Unit-4 Boiler.

              September 25, 2003


              " The resource mobilization, speed of work and workmanship of M/s. Bridge and Roof Co.(I) Ltd. in this project has been of high order and such performance and the response level has been to our project requirement, which enabled completion till date ahead of schedule. M/s Bridge and Roof Co.(I)Ltd. has achieved all major milestones like Mobilization, TG Raft and Deck, Boiler Foundation, Mill Foundation, Electrical Bay, 52m Elevation, Bunker Bay, etc. well ahead of schedule. "

              for Successful completion of Civil & Structural Work for Station Building of Unit No.7 of Raichur Thermal Power Station.

              September 11, 2002


              " They have utilized advanced technique for concreting by using their Batching Plant, Concrete pump, Transit mixers and mobilized adequate machinery needed for the job. Their Quality and performance of the subject job is satisfactory. "

              for successful completion of Civil Works I & II at NALCO Expansion Project, Damanjodi, Orissa.

              September 01, 2001


              " M/s. Bridge and Roof Co.(I) Ltd. are well reputed for major construction work who had deployed trained manpower, required machinery and equipment for execution of HPL project. Their mobilization, speed of work and workmanship of the project were commensurate with the fast track execution of Haldia Petrochemical's Complex. "

              for Successful completion of Civil, Structural and Architectural works for IOP at HPL, Haldia .

              June 09, 2001


              " The below job has been carried out satisfactorily including Modification as per Drawing / Specification and Requirement of IOTL "

              for Final Acceptance of Design, Supply and Construction of Petroleum Oil Piping System, Fire Fighting System, Cross Country Pipe Lines with Cathodic Protection, OWS System. etc. to establish a POL Storage Terminal at Navghar, near JNPT in Navi Mumbai.

              November 24, 2000


              " The job was satisfactorily executed by M/s. Bridge and Roof Co.(I) Ltd. against many odds specially tidal river conditions by deploying catamaran fitted with crane, concreting barges and other heavy machineries. "
              S.E. RAILWAY

              for construction of sub-structure of Rail bridge across Haldi River.

              October 09, 1999


              " The design of the tanks prepared by M/s. Bridge and Roof Co.(I) Ltd. was scrutinized by our consultant - M/s. Bechtel, France S.A. The total value of the works executed is approximately Rs. 4790 Lacs. "

              Jamnagar Refinery Project: On successfully completing design, engineering, fabrication and erection of total 75 Nos. of field erected storage tanks

              May 17, 1999


              " During construction of Tapered Chimney M/s Bridge and Roof Co. (I) Ltd. has shown his excellency in expertising for Slip-forming with a total completion of 94m height slipping with a record time of 31 working days with Zero Accident. The entire work including inside lining has been completed successfully without any Accident. We take this oppurtunity to appreciate the individual and team efforts of all enginners and staff who has made it possible by their sincere and whole hearted hard working to achieve this quality job. "

              PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONTRACTOR OF MRPL for construction of 94m height RCC Tapered Chimney.

              May 15, 1999


              " The mobilisation, speed of work and workmanship for this work, executed by M/s. Bridge and Roof Co.(I) Ltd. has been extremely of high order and we are extremely satisfied with the performance as well as the response level shown by them as per our requirement. "

              on construction of Science City at Kolkata involving RCC Framed and Steel Structures with large RCC domes supported by structural framework.

              August 30, 1997


              " Ansaldo is happy with the performance and quality of work conforming to International Standard and the sincerity, dedication of their enginners / supervisors towards work who by their unstinted efforts have made their achievement possible. "

              for Material Supply, Mechanical Fabrication & Erection related to 2*500MW Steam Generator & Electrostatic Precipitator at Farakka Super Thermal Power Project of NTPC.

              September 04, 1996


              Source : Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Reviewd on 26-11-2021